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Our Ventura Dental Fears & Sedation Services

Pacific View Dental Group offers sedation dentistry to patients looking to improve their treatment experience. For patients who are facing dental anxieties or have a complex procedure planned, Dr. Perklis Proussaefs offers I.V. and oral sedation to improve comfort during treatment.

What is I.V. Sedation?

I.V. sedation is the technique where the dentist administers sedative drugs through hand veins to calm patients down and bring them in a comfortable stage to have dental work done. Very few dentists are certified to administer I.V. sedation, and Dr. Proussaefs is proudly a Ventura sedation dentist. Trained at Loma Linda University and UCLA in IV sedation administration, Dr. Proussaefs uses the safest and most efficient techniques. 

Is I.V. sedation safe? I.V. sedation has proven to be very safe. Like any medical or dental procedure, there are always drawbacks and side effects but in general sedation is considered a very safe, effective, and a pleasant experience. 

Will I be able to drive back home? No, it is imperative that you have someone with you available to drive you back home. It is not recommended to operate a vehicle or operate a heavy machinery for the rest of the day.

Who is a candidate for the procedure? Most adult and teenage patients who have anxiety or fear for dental work will qualify for sedation dentistry. Dr. Proussaefs reviews the medical history of each patient and consults with the medical doctor if needed. However, there are very few medical contraindications, where I.V. sedation should not be used. 

Anything special I need to do before coming? Patients are given detailed pre-operative instructions before any I.V. sedation appointment. The most important is to come with empty stomach. This is a bit easier if the appointment is first thing in the morning. In addition, if there are signs of a cold (i.e. congested sinus, sore throat, coughing) the procedure will need to be rescheduled until the symptoms disappear. No alcohol should be consumed at least for the day before and the same day after the procedure.

Will I be “totally out”? The answer is no. I.V. sedation is classified as moderate sedation which means that you will be well relaxed and sedated but you will need to breathe on your own and maintain your reflexes. However, for patients who desire or need to be “totally out” or “100% asleep” we proudly work with very experienced anesthesiologists who come to our office and they can administer general anesthesia. 

What is the advantage of having I.V. sedation? The main advantage is that you will be having dental work done with little or no memory of the procedure while being relaxed and sedated. In addition, the dentist can perform multiple procedures in on visit. 

Do I still get the “shots” in the mouth? The answer is yes. I.V. sedation relaxes you but the dentist still needs to give local anesthesia (injections in the mouth). However, this is done after you are sedated, so it is done in a more comfortable stage, and under sedation, you will either not remember or barely remember having the intra oral injections.

What is Oral Sedation?

Oral 'conscious' sedation utilizes a prescribed pill to induce a calming effect during treatment. The oral sedative is taken on an empty stomach an hour before treatment and patients are required to have a companion drive them to and from the dentist. Patients remain conscious throughout the procedure, yet will have little recollection of actual treatment. Dr. Proussaefs educates patients to before and after oral sedation instructions to best prepare them for treatment. As with I.V. sedation methods, it is important to safely prepare and care for patients while in treatment, especially those under any kind of sedation. 

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