One Day Crown

One day crown in Ventura

In our prosthodontic specialty office, the Pacific View Dental Group, we are proud to offer same day crowns, where permanent crowns made from a very strong metal-free material called zirconia can be made and placed in one-visit.

Same day crown procedure 

We take pride to have all the technology and expertise to fabricate and placed one visit permanent crowns. After preparing the tooth, which typically takes 25-45 minutes, the tooth is scanned with a special scanner. Then the crown is designed and milled (fabricated) the same day.

The preparation stage takes an hour; some patients prefer to go for a walk, get a cup of coffee at a nearby coffee shop, visit the local mall, or run some errands; others prefer to stay in the dental chair watch a movie or read a magazine.

After the crowns is prepared, it is fitted on the tooth and then cemented. The fitting and cementation typically take 20-30 minutes for completion.

There is no second appointment, no provisional crown to be made, no impressions with annoying impression material (“goo”). Most of the patients find the process much easier when compared to traditional crowns.

Sone visit crowns vs traditional 

With the traditional crowns, after the tooth is prepared, an impression (“mold”) is made and sent to a dental laboratory. The patient receives a provisional/temporary crown on the tooth till the laboratory fabricates the permanent/final crown. This typically takes 10-14 days. The patient then returns to the office, the provisional/temporary crown is removed, and the permanent crown is placed.

With same day crowns we do not make an impression of the tooth; the tooth is scanned, the crowns are designed and fabricated by using computer technology, and the permanent crown is placed at the same appointment. There is no second visit and no temporary/provisional crown.

One day crown pros and cons

Pros: Same day crowns require no impression to be made, no disturbing impression material (“goo”), no provisional/temporary crown that often comes loose or breaks is needed, no second appointment is needed either.

Cons: For multiple crowns, or for crowns where the esthetics are priority laboratory-made crowns are advantageous. While technology has offered much convenience and efficiency, crowns made in the laboratory give the time to a specialized technician to provide an ideal finish to the crown for best esthetics especially if the crown is placed on a front tooth. Similarly, when multiple crowns or bridges are prepared, then laboratory fabricated crowns are preferred.   

In conclusion

If you are a busy person and prefer less dental office visits and you need a single crown, then same day crowns are ideal for you. If you need cosmetic crowns at the front teeth or multiple crowns, then laboratory made crowns are indicated. 

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